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Ideas For A Fun Family Movie Night/Day

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

This post is #sponsored by Universal All Access .

What brings the Nostalgia for you?!

Our family absolutely loves movie nights sharing some of our favorite snacks & films. The boys have been waiting all week for this and ill admit I'm just as excited as they are! We chose E.T which is a classic & of course we had to add Trolls as well! I really love that the boys enjoy watching movies because its something I enjoyed as a kid with my parents. In fact some of my best memories are from out family movie nights including some of @Universalentertainment classics . We always grab our comfiest blanket, create a fun and simple snack tray this time including: Trolls themed fruit snacks, space bears ,popcorn & fresh fruit to enjoy during our movies. YUM! The boys have so much fun watching Poppy & Branch on their quest to save the rest of their Troll friends and I enjoy seeing their faces light up during some of the BEST scenes. #StoriesAreUniversal and I hope during this time at home you choose to enjoy the time making the best memories with your loved ones.

You can find select DVD's (like these) at Walmart or Walmart.com that include an exclusive Universal Pictures cinch bag !

The Boys absolutely love to keep their Troll collection in their Universal Pictures bags.

One of the best things is that Trolls gets the kids involved by singing & dancing to some of our favorite tunes! They literally wont stay still anytime we watch it .

With E.T the boys are always super interested in new movies especially anything about the extraterrestrial . It's such a cute movie and I loved watching it so much as a kid! The way they love and care for E.T. is so special to watch throughout the film & I'm so happy the boys enjoyed it.


Universal Studio Entertainment has seriously brought so much joy to our family over the years and I hope it does the same for you!


Let me know in the comments what one of your favorite Childhood Movies is!

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