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Meals Made Easy with Tovala

How easy is meal time for you?!



Over The last two weeks I've been so busy + before having our Tovala Smart Oven there were days where I'd forget my own lunch. I know, who does that right?! We've been using our @tovalafood Smart Oven + Tovala Meals for about a month now and it has made a huge difference in our home. Not to mention their food is SO good! Their chef-prepared meals are delivered straight to our doorstep and I'm a sucker for convenience so you know this has become my BFF. Honestly my favorite part about this Smart Oven is that I am able to scan over 750+ grocery items as well. Such a freaking game changer you guys!


➡️ It's as easy as scanning your barcode, putting your meal in the oven & in 20 min or less it's ready! Yes, I said Barcode. 🙌 When you get your Tovala Meals they come with Recipe Cards & when you scan the Barcode it puts in the exact amount of cooking time on your Smart Oven. Honestly it's perfect because I can get the boys lunch together while mine cooks 🧡👏 Mom win!

Smart Oven Features:






They also have a 100 day FREE trial !

If you use the Smart Oven / Meals and don't absolutely love them you are able to get your money back guaranteed . Hopefully that isn't the case though because this Oven is the coolest thing in my kitchen!


Herb Roasted Chicken with Pasta

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---->Grab Your Smart Ove & Smart Meals Here! <----


What's your go to for a quick lunch?!

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