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Eye Scream Cones

Starting off Spooktember with these super cute Eye Scream Cones!

As I said in my post these are one my absolute favorite treats that

I've created thus far. In all honesty it took me about 3.5 hrs to do all of this (maybe longer) but

you could easily make these Spooky treats happen in about an hour and a half.

That's if you prep your cake balls early enough etc. because they have to chill for a while but we will get to that in just a bit! There will be a few affiliate links within the Blog but I absolutely love these products so much . Fancy Sprinkles has some of THE best baking decorations, silicone molds and more!

You can save 15% by using code ROKKETQUEEN15 @ Fancy Sprinkles

Supplies & Ingredients



Step One: You're going to want to start off by baking your cake or in this case Cupcakes. I went with these because I plan to use the leftover Cupcakes for another Treat I have planned for the Spooky Season! I used a basic Funfetti Cake Mix but the possibilities are honestly endless.
Tip: Bake your cake & let sit for 6 hours as well as creating your chocolate letters!

Step Two- Once your Cupcakes are completely cooled you will want to crumble them together in a mixing bowl. ( You can also use a food processor if that's easier) This allowed me to work on Icing the Cones & adding the sprinkles.

Step Three- Once your cake is cool, Add about a tablespoon of Icing and mix together really well. Seriously GO EASY on the frosting because a little goes a long way .lol. You will see that it will start to form a play dough like consistency which is the goal! Normal cake pop sizes are about 2" but I made these a bit bigger to fit the top of the Cone. I then popped them into the freezer for about 1.5 hours to make sure they were together. I mentioned you can do this step way ahead of time to save you some Baking time & also this ensures your cake has set the way you need it to.

(You can totally do this day of it just may take a little longer to create)

Step Four: Melt your candy chocolate in a Melting Pot or in the Microwave using a Silicone Container. That's honestly the best way to get it melted to the consistency you need for dipping your cake! I also used reusable cake pop sticks for dipping. After you do this place them on a plate or wax paper . They will harden fairly quickly so if you'd like to add Sprinkles to the top I would suggest doing it before the Chocolate hardens.

Dipping Process & Final Product

I ended up taking the cake pop stick and creating a swirl like texture to get the real effect of an Ice Cream Cone.

Step Five: Now is the fun part, Decorating!

Grab your cones, colored icing and start piping along the top of the cone making a dripping look. After icing each cone you will need to add your Fancy Sprinkles Cold Case Blend along the icing & stand round side down/in a stand while they harden. Next you want to turn the stove top on low heat & place a small pan on the burner. Grab your "Ice Cream" you made with your cake and whichever you want to be the bottom that sits on the cone, Melt that. Quickly grab your decorated cone and place the Ice Cream cake ball on top! This acts as a glue and will hold everything in place. lol. Stand ,hold it in place or lay it down ,whichever is easiest to make sure it sets. I Added the Eyeball from Fancy Sprinkles Sprinkle Stickers then took my Prism Powder (red) & lightly brushed along the eyeball where the swirls are . I really think this made everything pop adding that simple little detail!

See How I Did That Here

Your Eye Scream Cone is complete & ready to eat!

If you've made it down this far I appreciate you hanging in there with me.

It's always so fun to share some treats with you all and I hope you enjoyed!

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