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Pennywise Kids Birthday

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Our Boy Turned 3 this weekend and his Birthday was absolutely Killer! 🎈🤡🖤 He specifically asked us for a Pennywise/IT party and we did just that. He's a huge Horror fan ! Where to start though? I literally had SO many ideas .I wanted something that was Kid Friendly but still gave the Pennywise vibe & I'd say we achieved that!

I went straight to Pinterest to find inspo for the theme but there wasn't too much,especially for a 3 year old. Lol I ended up finding everything we needed for the party on Amazon, at our local Party Supplier & IT decor we had around our home. It was so much fun to decorate and have everything come together the way it did!

Where to find everything you'll need?

Amazon :

IT Face Balloons

Carnival Tent Cupcake Stand

Red & White Table Skirt

(This skirt comes with tape already applied)

Happy Birthday Balloon Banner

Pennywise Cake Topper

Party Supplier :

IT House

IT Image Decor

Red Balloons

Eco Friendly Plates

Yellow Coffee Cups (Georgie's Coat)

Striped Party Hats

Other Decor :

"Welcome to Derry" sign - Halloween Store


I ordered his Cake & Cupcakes from Lowe's Foods which always turn out absolutely perfect! Obviously the cake had to have "You'll Float Too" written on it and he loved it! White Cake with Buttercream Icing topped with a ton of Red Sprinkles 🎂❤ Oh; you can't forget the cutest creepy little Cake Topper!




Just look how happy ❤

After gifts were opened there was a special visit from our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! [Thanks Uncle Koda🤪🙌] The look on Evryns face was priceless and it was seriously the sweetest thing ever. He even brought him a new suit ! I'll just say that the one he had was WAY too small for him.


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