• Devin Rush

Homeschool Space For The Boys

Updated: Oct 17, 2020


If you followed my stories on Instagram the last couple of days you know I've been working on creating a fun little learning space & its just about finished! 

The time is here and I'm excited but like what the actual heck lol  We do a lot of activities daily but I'm really looking forward to diving into our Curriculum from @habitatschoolhouse

which should be here any day now. I've followed along with them for a couple of years and really love that its 100% flexible and a go with your own flow kind of curriculum!

The boys already love this space so much + I mean i totally do too. ️🤪 

Check out my stories for my attempt at a full view of this space!

P. S I'll be sharing on here/Instagram with you all as we go + I have something fun in the works for those doing any kind of learning from home so stay tuned!

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