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Hooray Heroes Collab

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

You guys! I have seen these books from www.hoorayheroes.com everywhere & just HAD to see what all the Rave was about. Not even kidding when I say that this is one of my favorite books that the boys own! The particular one we received from @Hoorayheroes is The Siblings Book of Poems. You get to create & customize your characters to look JUST like your littles. You also get to choose 15 poems for your book as well as personalize it with something sweet. I am so excited the boys have something to cherish & share together. Christmas is right around the corner & these make GREAT gifts! Be sure to Check out www.hoorayheroes.com

Do you have a favorite book or something you cherish for your children? Leave a comment & tell me below! Use code HOORAYMAGIC15 for 15% off all of their books.

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