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Trick or Treat Board

Updated: Nov 11, 2020


Since Halloween is a bit different for most of us this year I wanted to do something to get the boys excited! I am no pro at these snack boards but I've been promising them we would make a spooky version so I put this one together for us and it was a HIT. To be honest as I was strolling through the isle at the grocery store I just kind of grabbed stuff that I thought would work. We already had a bunch of fruit here at home so all we needed was the extra sweets.

This would totally be something fun to create for a Halloween get together, family movie nights and more!

Place bigger items first




➡Skeleton Hand

➡ Vampire Apples

I started with the Cauldron in the middle of the board & the Skeleton hand over the side.

The bowls I placed somewhat cattycorner to the Cauldron but honestly this kind of thing you just kind of go with the flow! Next I added the Pumpkin & Ghost cookies in each corner towards the center of the board. I just really liked how it kind of drew you in! From there you add fruit, snacks + sweets wherever they "fit" on the board. In my opinion there is really no wrong way to do this!

The smaller items I used

➡ Apples, Grapes + Oranges

➡ Candy Corn

➡ Pretzel Sticks

➡ Pumpkin Shaped Cheese

➡ Sour Strips

➡ Bone Shaped Bread

➡ Monster Mash Popcorn

➡ Gummy Witch Fingers + Fangs

➡ Mini Marshmallows

( also, no we did not eat all of this in one sitting. lol )

Next Week on the Blog is our Halloween Veggie/Snack Board!

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