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Self Improvement September!

The month of September is all about Self Improvement & I feel its extremely important to continuously grow day in and day out. With COVID everything has really been put on hold for a lot of people and its easy to get discouraged. I am here to encourage you to take this time we are given and put into yourself /family, hobbies etc because you have the time. Fill YOUR cup! Here are a few things I would love to accomplish the month of September.


You would think being home almost ALL of the time now I'd be drinking SO much more water right?! Wrong lol It has been SO hard to keep up my water intake which is very important to our all over health. Before & During pregnancy with both of my boys my water intake was pretty on point . Not sure what happened after but since then I have not been able to get back to where I would like to be with my water. They say you are supposed to drink half if not more your body weight in water and right now i am definitely not doing that. My goal in the beginning is to get back up to drinking at least a 1.5 Gallons a day then increase from there when needed. I've found it helpful in the past to label my water with either positive affirmations or "levels" of the water. Excited to overall feel better and get back to drinking my water!


This has been a very important thing to me (it always has been) but lately I have been so busy with working and other household tasks that I feel I haven't spent enough time with them. We have been at home now in quarantine since the beginning of March and even though I have been here with them I just feel like I need to devote more time to them. I am normally always Working,creating content or doing daily house tasks etc. I have to remember some of those things can wait and Love to a child is Time. I whole heartily believe that. My intentions are to get better with my time ,continue to plan fun activities for us to do ,get down on the floor if they ask me to play or paint with them longer than 10 minutes. I want them to look back and see all of the fun things we did together,not that they did by themselves . Hopefully that makes sense lol


I have always been one to organize or plan out everything but This is something I have been working on the last few months and it has really been helping me stay on track . A good planner is always great to have and I highly recommend @erincondren ! Block Scheduling means you set out specific blocks of time for activities or things you need to get done. When the time is up you have allotted yourself then you move to the next task. This has helped a ton because I like to do a million things at once and focusing on one at a time with set amounts of times i feel as helped me accomplish more. I'd love to continue doing this and getting better at managing my time which goes back up to spending more time with my boys.


One thing I know is that I do not take enough time for myself but want to work on doing it more. Whether it be big or small! Doing things for yourself is not selfish, remember that! I am constantly trying to get better at it. Self care to me is Plant Shopping, Creating , Tattoos or going on a Road trips. With things being somewhat limited around us right now (minus the outdoors which is mostly free lol) its kind of hard to really get out and enjoy new cities to their full potential if you know what I mean. I do have a special trip I am planning and I cant wait to share with you all where I hope to be the beginning of October to surprise one of my very best friends. Honestly self care can be anything you want it to just as long as it is benefiting you in a good way ,in some way shape or form. I will say that today I will actually have a few hours to myself and will be adding a new tattoo so Stoked is an understatement. This was a birthday gift to myself (in April) but was pushed back due to COVID which is understandable. I almost even canceled my appointment but I'm excited to spend some time with one of my good friends and get some "tattoo therapy". lol Follow along in my stories @rokketqueen to see what I am getting because if i'm being honest I haven't even seen it yet lol

If you made it this far thank you for sticking around & hope that this encourages you to set some new goals (not limits) for yourself !

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