• Devin Rush

Hurricane Florence

As most who follow me via Instagram know, there is a Category 4 hurricane coming straight for us & our surrounding communities. In my 25 years living here & being a Carolina native I have never experience anything like this or that I can remember. Packing what little belongings we can , baby books,family photographs & some clothes has got to be the worst thing I've had to do. Knowing we could come home to absolutely nothing has me in shambles. This is the worst storm we have had in over 20 years & I never thought it could be us,but it is. To work so hard to get where we are, buying a new home this year & all that comes with it ,it is extremely hard for us. Boarded up our home,packed what we could and we are heading out as this monster approaches our home state. Places are already shut down,boarded up, out of gas,out of water & all perishable foods you can think of to have during this. We will probably be without power for a while so i am sure this will be my last blog post for a couple of weeks. I'm nervous & scared but I do know that in the eye of the storm ,he remains in control. Please think about us & say a little prayer as we head into what is one of the worst storms here yet. Hoping for the best but preparing for the absolute worst.

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