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Fun & Inexpensive Halloween Baskets For Kids

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Okay So I always have WAY too much fun putting these types of baskets together each year but being that Halloween is a little different this year I wanted to continue with the Spooky fun! If I'm being honest I am a planner and started gathering things over the last two months. It Also helps me feel like I somewhat have it together 🤪 I will tell you that it has been so hard keeping these as a surprise for the boys because I am just too excited and I know they will freaking love them! We look forward to The month of October every year and regardless of what 2020 has thrown at us I'm going to try to make it the best one yet.

Now that the boys are a little older it honestly just keeps getting better. 🖤🧡

Everything in the Boys Boo Baskets can be found @Target, @Walmart or @DollarGeneral !

-You can honestly find awesome stuff for these baskets just about anywhere-



Ready To Take A Peek Inside !?

Jude's Boo Basket

Halloween Reusable Sticker Book

Pumpkin Bubble Wand

Ghost Cup w/ Straw

Skull Sugar Cookie

Freddy Krueger Plush

Glow Sticks 3pack

Halloween I & II Themed Surprise Balls

Mini Activity Pack

Long Sleeve Skull Tee

Candy : Kinder Joy, Hide & Eek Bones,

Annie's Bats + Bunnies, Double Bubble Haunted Gumballs, Chocolate Covered Pretzel Minis

Evryn's Boo Basket

Vampire Bite Book

Skeleton Bubble Wand

Pumpkin w/ Straw Cup

Skull Sugar Cookie

Dancing Skeleton Tee

NBC Plush Clip

Mini Activity Pack

Halloween I & II Themed Surprise Balls

Glow Sticks 3pack

Candy: Annie's Bat + Bunnies Gummies, Kinder Joy, Reese's Pumpkin, Go Go Squeeze Pouch ,Chocolate Covered Pretzel Minis


All of these items for their Boo Basket cost me around $35 or Less but I was able to split most of the stuff I picked up between both boys ! Win/Win.

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