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DIY Halloween Inspired Home Decor

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Happy Friday Friends!

I am SO excited to share this new DIY with you all. This week on the Blog we are making Ghost & Pumpkin Wall Hangings! Earlier this year I made a few larger Yarn Wall Hangings for around our house & thought to myself why not make something more simple like that yet still spooky. In case you missed it click here ! With that being said I am always down for a fun & easy craft so I hope you all enjoy this one! I found most of the supplies at a discount at Hobby Lobby and used a few supplies we had at home. The cool thing about this simple DIY is that you will be able to make more yarn decor that isn't necessarily Halloween themed! I have quite a few pieces hanging around the house and I really feel it just adds to the room.❤

Okay enough of my rambling let's get started!

Supplies You Will Need

2 -3 Embroidery Hoops

(different sizes)


Hot Glue Gun + 1 Stick of Glue

1 Sheet of Black Felt

White & Orange Yarn

( Yarn Bee Uber Luxe White + Yarn Bee True Colors Pumpkin found at Hobby Lobby)


Ghost Wall Hanging👻

Step One : Measure two arms length (or desired length) of yarn 4 times then cut. Pinching together the ends each time you measure out a new piece. (DON'T cut until you have measured) Depending on how long you want your wall hanging will determine how many strands you measure.

More = Thicker Strands.

Step Two: Grab a hold of your yarn in the middle and lay it over the top then bring around the back of your hoop. This will create a "U" shaped opening that you will then pull the longest strands through to secure the yarn on your hoop.

Step Three: Continue step two above about six times across for each hoop or you can take them all the way filling the hoop. I found that leaving them a little loose left wiggle room in the end and also left the yarn feeling more full. You can always tighten them & straighten when you're finished.

Step Four: Next you are going to keep your yarn on the top side of your hoop ,bringing it under towards the back. When tying your knots alternate back and forth between the way you knot. Right to left, left to right.

Step Five: You will alternate the way you tie your knots that way they sit right on your hoop. Honestly, it took me a few times to get it how I wanted it .lol Loop around the top or bottom of your yarn and make your knot, securing it to the bottom of the hoop. You should then after a few times of repeating these steps start to see your hoop fill and your base of the face come together.

This is what it should look like when you have a few of them on your hoop ! When you have finished all of your knots you can trim up the ends of your yarn if you would like but I love the imperfect look.

Step Six: Use something small and round to trace out the eyes of your Ghost on the Black piece of felt. For the mouth I just kind of winged it. lol

Also a little tip for you: using a white colored pencil works perfectly when tracing on most felt, fabric or other DIY projects

Pumpkin Wall Hanging 🎃

For the Pumpkin you will repeat the same steps above (1-6) from the Ghost. Except this time for the Pumpkin you will do 7 across . Don't worry if you have to redo your knots a few times! If you use the exact yarn that I did they will be two different textures/thickness.

The Yarn used for the Pumpkin was a little easier to work with in my opinion . lol You can cut out different shapes for faces using the felt or even use different colored yarn/paint your hoop to match your home decor style! I definitely recommend checking out Hobby Lobby if you're able to get out because they almost ALWAYS have a sale going on. I paid under ten dollars to make both of these wall hangings and it was honestly one of the easiest projects I've done!

I hope I explained everything correctly but if not I'm always here to help!

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✨Final Products ✨

If you made it this far you rock & I Hope you enjoyed my first DIY Tutorial !

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