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Create Your Own Halloween Smoothie Bowl

Hey Ghouls !

I seriously can't believe that Halloween is this weekend , where has the dang time gone?!

The boys & I are making the most of it which means squeezing in Halloween fun everywhere we can. I really enjoy making Smoothie Bowls for us as a quick snack or even for breakfast so I figured why not try a Halloween themed bowl! Okay , the first thing I'll say about this Smoothie Bowl is that I actually had to do this twice . lol I was seriously so determined to master the Spiderweb that I just had to keep trying. ( It was my first time) Today I'm going to share just how I made this one & I hope you all enjoy!

Step One:

Gather all of your Ingredients

For this Smoothie Bowl You Will Need ⬇

- Bowl & Blender

- Frozen Fruit + Veggies (1 cup each)

- Oat Milk, Water or Juice of Choice

-Greek Yogurt or Yogurt of Choice

-Piping Bag or Ziploc for Spiderweb


Toppings : Blackberries, Bananas, Chia Seeds , Halloween Sprinkles, Edible Bats

  • Blackberries are very high in Fiber, Vitamin C/K & Manganese which helps with Bone Health. Jam Packed with Antioxidants!

  • Bananas are rich in vitamins, minerals ,fiber & honestly have so many great Health Benefits

  • Chia Seeds are a great source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids ,Rich in Antioxidants . Are also High in Fiber, Calcium & Iron

Shop The Brand of Chia Seeds I use Here

Step Two:

Next you will Put your Fruit, Veggies & 12 oz of Liquid in your Blender.

For this Bowl I actually ended up using 2 different Smoothie Blends I like so a little of everything is in this one. I kind of experimented with it but honestly turned out better combining them!

*I recommend slowly adding your liquid until you get the desired thicker consistency*

Smoothie Bowls are supposed to be a little thick and able to be eaten with a spoon.

You can always add more but can't take liquid out lol

p.s If your smoothie isn't thick enough/too watery it will be kind of hard to place your toppings.

Step Three:

For the last step its pretty simple and honestly my absolute favorite part!

Adding the Toppings & Spiderweb !

I'll start with the Spiderweb and for this you will need the Piping/Ziploc Bag & Greek Yogurt.

Yes I know! The Web is made with YOGURT! lol

Start in the center working your way out and make 3 circles or more if you have the room.

(3 pictured)

Now you will take your toothpick and from the center draw/drag a line out through your yogurt & smoothie. You'll do this about 12 times or however many you'd like until it looks like a Web.

Depending on how long the web takes you may need to stick your smoothie bowl in the freezer for just a couple of minutes but not too long. lol

Then you will add your Fruits ,Chia Seeds ,Sprinkles & Edible Bats.

That's it! It's a pretty simple & quick Smoothie bowl to put together not to mention totally cute/delish. 🦇💖

I hope you enjoyed the breakdown of this Halloween Themed Smoothie Bowl & if you create your own tag #RadlikeRokketqueen so I can share over on my Instagram!

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